What is white mica and its Uses?

Jun. 19, 2021

There is no doubt that insulation can be made from many other materials - glass fiber, cellulose, mineral wool. That said, Mica has very unique properties that make it an excellent choice for use as an insulation base in a range of industrial applications.

Here we will examine one particular form of mica - white mica - its properties as well as the industry and how it can be used to make various processes safer and more efficient.

What is white mica?

White mica is the most common form of mica. It is a potassium-rich mica that is usually combined with aluminum and water or hydroxyl groups to form thin flakes. These flakes fracture along very closely spaced planes to form very thin sheets.

White Mica

White Mica

The name White Mica actually originates from the early use of this form of mica. Because of its transparency, durability and insulating properties, mica sheets were used as windows in medieval Russia as a cheaper alternative to glass.

White Mica Properties

White mica has very unique properties. It has the highest dielectric strength of any type of mica product, in addition to its very high heat resistance of nearly 900 degrees. This makes products made with white mica an excellent dielectric and thermal insulator. As we have already mentioned, its atomic structure allows it to form very thin, transparent flakes - so it tends to be very flexible and pliable.

The material is also chemically inert, lightweight and flexible, making it the perfect choice for a range of insulation solutions for industrial use. This can be on any scale from liners for large industrial furnaces to liners or spacers for automotive batteries.

What is it used for?

In the early days, large white mica was used for oven windows because of their ability to withstand extremely high temperatures.

White mica is pearlescent, which means it can add an extra sheen to certain paints, ceramic glazes and even cosmetics. Scrap, flake and ground white mica is also commonly used as a filler and increaser in products such as paints, finishes and manufactured goods.

Many White Mica Manufacturers use white mica to create industrial insulation solutions. The process begins with grinding the white mica into a paste and making it into paper. This gives it flexibility, light weight, high dielectric properties and excellent thermal insulation.

Applications of white mica

We use white mica to manufacture insulation sheets, rolls, tubes and panels in a variety of shapes and sizes. A common use of our white mica solutions is for the insulation and protection of industrial furnaces. Our composite solutions build on the inherent insulating and flexible properties of mica, adding additional benefits of

Resistant to shock and vibration


Easy to install

Simple to cut up

Environmentally friendly - contains no organic adhesives

Very precise internal and external tolerances

Due to its natural structural stability, dielectric strength, thermal properties and flexibility, mica is the perfect choice for a range of insulation applications. Contact us today for any of your needs.

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