Vermiculite Board- New Heat Insulation and Fireproofing Material

Aug. 05, 2021

Vermiculite fireproof board  is a new type of inorganic material. It uses expanded vermiculite as the main raw material, mixed with a certain proportion of inorganic binder, and processed through a series of processes such as hot pressing or cold pressing. 

It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, fire resistance, environmental protection, heat insulation, sound insulation, and no harmful substances. No gas harmful to human health is produced during heating. It belongs to Class A fireproof board, which is smokeless, non-toxic and tasteless.

Fireproof vermiculite


Non-inflammable, High temperature resistance

After being heated to 1200°C at high temperature, no gas harmful to human health will be produced, and the combustion performance can reach Class A. Since the vermiculite fireproof board uses expanded vermiculite as the main raw material, the inorganic material has no carbon element and does not burn.

Excellent Insulation

It is non-toxic, smoke-free, green and environmentally friendly. Inorganic materials have no carbon and sulfur elements, and will not produce CO2 and SO2, which affect the atmosphere, and will not cause harm to the human body.

Impact Resistance

The vermiculite fireproof board is made of specially developed fireproof glue and expanded vermiculite, so it has high strength and toughness.

Good stability

Strong stability and weather resistance, sound insulation, excellent resistance to mold and insects. It can be sawed, nailed, planed, drilled, easy to install and construct.


It can be widely used as wall partitions in furniture, firewalls, suspended ceilings, fire channels, steel beam coating, pipeline coating, and real fire fireplaces. It is also used as an industrial insulation material in the fields of construction, shipbuilding, metallurgy, electric power, and aerospace.

Vermiculite slab

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