The Role of Mica Powder in Rubber

Mar. 12, 2021

Here is the Mica Powder Supplier to share with you about the application of mica powder in rubber, I hope it will be helpful to everyone

1.Improve the air tightness of rubber

The air tightness of rubber is the primary performance for many rubber products, such as inner tubes, bladders, and many life-saving products. To improve the air-tightness of rubber, in addition to processing technology and coating technology, mainly depends on the nature of the rubber itself and its filler. The better the compactness of the rubber, the better the permeability resistance of the product. Of course, this type of glue is expensive, and there is a cost problem. Therefore, the use of functional filler mica powder is low cost and effective, and its significance is particularly important.

2. Improve physical and mechanical properties

As we all know, the mechanism of flake and fibrous fillers that disperse the stress of materials is similar to that of steel bars in concrete. Many reinforcement materials use anisotropic materials, and the principles are the same. Granular fillers have no such effect. Rubber, plastics and resins with large diameter-to-thickness ratio fillers have significantly improved impact resistance, mechanical strength, and morphological stability. There is a lot of research on this in materials science.

3. Improve insulation performance

Mica has extremely high electrical resistance, and it is widely known to use mica powder to improve the insulation properties of materials. One of the uses of rubber is to be used as an insulating material for wires and cables, and the use of wet mica powder is an important means. What needs to be mentioned are cables used in mines, tunnels and similar occasions. Such cables need to be insulated in the event of a fire alarm. A special kind of insulating material has been developed abroad, which is composed of resin and mica powder.

4. Shock absorption and sound insulation

Many sound insulation and vibration damping materials use rubber to change the material's physical properties such as viscoelasticity and form an ideal effect. Wet mica powder with large diameter to thickness ratio can change a series of physical moduli of the material. Furthermore, the energy reflection between the wafers also absorbs and weakens the energy. According to this, the "vibration damping sheet" used in vehicles and home appliances is mostly mixed with mica powder. In the same way, other vibration damping and sound insulation materials of Duduo also use wet mica powder.

5. Demoulding effect

In many cases, metal molds or similar molds are not used for rubber molding and vulcanization, and the performance of the release agent directly affects production. For example, tire molding and vulcanization use airbags. If high-performance release agents are not used, adhesion between products and molds will inevitably occur, which will damage the molds and cause a large number of defective products, which is very harmful to production.

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