The Main Application Advantages of Mica Powder

Nov. 04, 2020

Muscovite and Phlogopite have good electrical insulation, non-conductivity, acid resistance, alkali resistance and voltage resistance, so they are widely used to make insulating materials in the electronics and electrical industries. Mica fragments and powder are used as fillers. Lepidolite is also the main mineral raw material for extracting lithium.

Mica minerals have been used by humans very early because of their large crystals and bright colors. In ancient Chinese books, its titles are recorded as: Huapilian, Tianbing, Tianpi, Dijin, Laoguajin, Melaleuca paper, Yuanmian, Yunmichi and Xionghei. The pigment used in Cave 112 of the Middle Tang at Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang is shining and bright. According to X-ray diffraction analysis, it is made of natural Muscovite after fine grinding. Excellent color rendering effect.

The main purpose of mica powder

1.Welding electrode accessories

In the production of welding electrodes, coarse-grained mica powder is used as the auxiliary material for the coating of the welding electrode, which not only prevents the coating from cracking, but also acts as a flux stopper.

2. Mica anticorrosive coating

Mica anticorrosive paint is a substitute for zinc-rich oil and paint epoxy primer. This material has good anti-corrosion, anti-aging and noise-eliminating effects. It can be widely used for anti-corrosion of ship hull and anti-corrosion of petroleum pipeline. The particle size of the mica powder added in the coating is 325 mesh to 800 mesh, and the mica micro flakes are required to be free from damage, with a smooth surface and a large diameter-to-thickness ratio.

Muscovite Powder

Muscovite Powder

3. Mica reinforced plastic

The composite material made by mixing mica powder with thermoplastic resin or thermosetting resin—mica reinforced plastic is a kind of engineering plastic with wide application. The filling amount of mica powder in the plastic is usually about 30%, and some filling amounts are as high as 50-60%. The particle sizes of polyvinyl chloride, thermoplastic polymer and polypropylene filled with mica powder are: 100 mesh, 200-325 mesh, 325 mesh, 400 mesh, etc. The larger the diameter-to-thickness ratio, the better the effect.

4. Rubber industry

In the processing of rubber products, mica powder is a good lubricant and release agent; mica powder is also a reinforcing agent for rubber such as styrene butadiene rubber. Filling with an appropriate amount of Muscovite Powder to replace clay and carbon black is useful for improving the quality of rubber products. It is extremely beneficial to reduce production costs. The mica powder used is usually 160-325 mesh.

5. Pearlescent Mica

Pearlescent mica is a new type of pigment processed by a special process by mixing high-diameter-thickness ratio mica powder with titanium sulfate or titanium chloride solution in a certain ratio. The mica powder suitable for pearl mica should be muscovite powder with uniform particle size, whiteness ≥80, smooth surface of mica powder flakes, and diameter-thickness ratio ≥60.

6. Building materials

Mica powder is an important raw material for new building materials, especially mica calcium silicate board, mica fiber cement mid-wave tile, mica light brick and other new building materials produced by replacing asbestos with mica powder. Excellent performance such as sound insulation, light weight and weather resistance. In addition, mica is widely used in ceramics, linoleum and other fields

7. Oilfield drilling mud

Using coarse mesh mica powder as a mud filler in drilling or pile foundation construction can increase the adhesion of the mud on the hole wall, help solidify the wall and reduce the loss of circulating water, and improve work efficiency and prevent The collapse accident has an excellent effect.

8. Damping material

Flake mica and graphite can increase the elastic modulus of elastomers, but non-flake materials have little effect. Fillers play a role in increasing the glass transition temperature, which is mainly controlled by the volume effect. No. 1

No. 1